Volunteer Benefits

Are you bored? Is life NOT an adventure?  Need a purpose? Join a club and get involved.  Statistics have proven; volunteering is good for your overall health.

I do not have any statistics, but in my life observations; all organizations have a small core group of people doing a majority of the work.  Amazingly, this small core group is involved in many different organizations.

Personally, I am a member and involved in the American Legion; Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, (APCO); Eaton County Historical Commission; Jug & Mug Ski Club; and the Knights of Columbus.  I guess I cannot sit on my hands; I usually volunteer for something.  Why belong if not involved?  Why be a card-carrying member and just pay dues money.  There is much more to life than watching the world go by when instead you can help mold that world.

I love the Jug & Mug!  No other organization I belong too is just about having fun, meeting new friends, and going on new adventures.  We do not advocate any causes, try to influence public policy or work for the underprivileged.

Our only cause, our only policy is to engage in group activities for a great time.  Think about that; our outings, events, trips etc. all center on doing things we enjoy with people we enjoy.  Sure some trips may not be as smooth as we wish, some activities are not your cup of tea, BUT they all involve having a great fun time.   So if you want fun, travel and adventure (FTA) get involved.  Run an event, assist with an event, attend an event.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

               Submitted by Rich Rybicki