Trip Policies

(Effective March 12, 1996)
1. When not provided as a part of a club sponsored activity, each member or guest shall be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from club sponsored activities. To facilitate sharing of transportation, it is recommended that the activity chairperson furnish a list to all planned participants of the activity, which includes all names, telephone numbers, and an indication of those willing to furnish transportation and those needing transportation.
2. Drivers shall coordinator the time and place of departure, check in with the activity chairperson upon arrival to the activity destination, and inform the chairperson of the availability of space in vehicle.
3. Riders shall contact drivers to make initial arrangements and communicate any changes in plans to the driver.

(Effective March 12, 1996)
1. Any member or guest presenting an insufficient funds check payment to the club shall receive a written warning from the club treasurer and be required to pay all reprocessing fees levied.
If same check payment is returned a second time for insufficient funds, or if that same member
or guest presents a second insufficient funds check payment, they shall be required to pay cash to:
A. cover said check payment and all reprocessing fees levied, and
B. participate in all club-sponsored activities requiring a fee for the remainder of the club fiscal year.

(Effective February 9, 2000)
(Amended November 11, 2003)
1. For purposes of this policy, “cancellation date” shall be the date set forth by the Chairperson when the final payment on an activity must be paid in full.
2. If a member or guest cancels their participation in an activity for which there is a fee, and the member or guest notifies the activity chairperson of their cancellation:
A. on or before the cancellation date, member or guest will receive a full refund, less a handling fee of ten percent of the total fee, but not less than $10 or more than $50. The trip chairs have the option of charging a non- refundable cancellation fee as long as it is clearly stated in the trip information
B. after the cancellation date, but two days before the activity, member or guest will either:
• forfeit entire fee paid toward activity or
• be responsible for securing a replacement member or guest
C. on the day of or the day before an activity, no refund will be considered for the member or guest, (unless extenuating circumstances)
3. Under extenuating circumstances, a member or guest may petition the council in writing for a refund no more than 30 days after the activity date. If the petition is approved by majority vote of the council, that member or guest shall receive a refund, less a handling fee of ten percent of the total fee, but not less than $10 or more than $50. If the council receives the petition after 30 days or council denies the petition, no refund will be considered.
4. Members or guest not paying the full activity fee by the cancellation date may be canceled from the activity by the activity chairperson, and may forfeit any fees previously paid for the activity.
5. If the profit on the activity exceeds $5 per me mber or guest attending, the members or guest participating may receive a refund at the discretion of the council, after consideration of any extenuating circumstance petitions for the activity.
6. An activity chairperson shall maintain a waiting list of the names of members or guests, in
chronological order as received, who request to participate in the activity after the cancellation date.

(Effective March 12, 1996)
1. No alcoholic beverages (liquor, wine, beer, wine coolers) will be purchased or provided by the chairperson of a club-sponsored activity.
2. This policy will not prohibit a “BYOB” arrangement when appropriate. The council members and guests to be prudent in their consumption of alcohol and to be respectful of others. The Welcome Party is to welcome everyone that is on the trip; again, include one if applicable. A welcome party is a great ice breaker, a chance for people to get to know one another, and an excellent opportunity for you and your co-chair(s) to meet your guests, new members, and established members. It may be the first trip for a new member and they may be feeling a little apprehensive around people they don’t know. The welcome party can provide a stress-free atmo
sphere as well as provide a tool in organizing group events for the weekend. If a Welcome Party is not a part of the activity, be sure to introduce yourself and the co-chair(s) at the event. Make your participants feel welcome and they will be more relaxed and enjoy participating in your activity. Also, in case of any emergencies or situations that may occur, your participants will know who you are and will feel they can seek you out for guidance. Prepare a list of individuals who will be on the trip and distribute to everyone involved in the trip. (This can be e-mailed). Indicate who will be driving and who would like a ride. Once on your trip, post a master list that indicates which rooms people are in. This gives people the feeling they are in a group and an opportunity to locate someone. Especially let everyone know what room you are in.

(Effective January 1, 1999)
1. The chairperson of a club-sponsored activity may participate in that event free-of-charge, or be authorized a $150 credit toward the cost of that activity; whichever is less. Credit may be split among multiple chairpersons not to exceed one free activity participation fee or $150; whichever is less.
2. A prospective chairperson may approach the council with a request for compensation greater than $150 provided reasonable justification is presented.
3. The method of credit desired by the activity chairperson shall be submitted and approved, along with the entire activity proposal, by a majority vote of the council, prior to presenting the activity at the monthly membership meeting. All credit approved for activity chairpersons shall be covered in the cost/price proposal of that activity, so that the activity will not lose money because of activity chairperson compensation.