Trip Planning

Guidelines to Running A Trip
(From the Newsletter Monthly Articles)

How to Run a Successful Outing!

The Jug & Mug Ski Club has always promoted trips and activities for our members. In recent years, our trip numbers have declined. This is due to many factors, budgets being one element. The other major factor: many of the members who ran very successful trips are not as active in the club or are no longer even a member. The council recognizes that our members need a tutorial in the basics of running trips and activities.

Many of you have attended a number of our activities and many volunteer to assist at these events. Now, we want YOU to be in charge! Chairing a trip is rewarding both monetarily and the good feeling knowing you ran a successful outing. It also promotes camaraderie and insight into personalities. You learn a lot about people when sharing a room or spending their money.

All activities begin with an idea. Whether your idea is for a day trip, weekend or a weeklong trip, you need to know if members are interested in attending your outing. Ask your fellow members, whether at a general meeting, happy hour or another function; plant the seed for your activity. If you like the idea, others might agree it is a great idea and they are interested in attending!

Here is a general outline for running a trip, beginning to end!

  • Outline 
Outing: What, where and when;
  • Present to Council;
  • Budget and date;
  • Promote: Newsletter, flyers, enthusiasm;
  • Funds: Collecting, record keeping, refunds;
  • The Outing: Checklist, waiver, have fun;
  • Closeout: Present to Council income, expenses, final report.

Basic Steps For An Outing

You have a destination in mind; you have discussed the concept with other Club members. Next you need to analyze details for the best course of action for your trip. Let us step back and discuss variables of trips. Obviously a week trip to a ski destination will be much different than a day trip to Metro Detroit. Regardless of the length or expense of a trip, certain guidelines need to be met.

An Outing: Who, What, Where and When! Who is the trip chair and co-chair? These are the contact points for our members for more information, make payments, and any other questions. You are in charge and the more information you provide, the easier the task will be.

What is the trip? A ski trip, canoe trip, or shopping excursion? Our membership have many interests and knowing the trip by location or activity will help you find themembers who will be most interested in going on your activity. This is a great reason for all members to list their activity preferences on the membership form.

Where is the trip destination? Around the world or around the block? Destination will determine your budget. What mode of travel? Airfare, $500; bus $20; or car pool, $5 for gas per person. Food is a factor: meals and how many? Potluck, kitchen duty or restaurant meal? An overnight trip includes lodging, ($100 double occupancy) group
reservation or individual reservation? Fortunately, on many extended stay trips, resorts or travel agents will work with you on these details. Even if you work with an agent there are always amenities you may need to include in the budget, such as a welcome party, side trips, etc.

When is the trip? Avoid scheduling conflicts with other Club functions. Check with the J&M council to clear a date. Off peak time can result in better prices for any trip. You are in charge; pick the best date available.

You now have all the information on hand to make a written presentation to the J&M Council. It is not an inquisition; the council is on your side and wants all trips to be successful. The presentation will include the cost of the trip for members and non-members and requests for any money needed for deposits or other expenses

Presenting the Trip to Council

Running a trip through the Club has many advantages. The Club helps with financial liability. The Club furnishes all deposits, liability insurance, and there is no outlay of your own funds. All you need to do is sell the trip, collect payment and it will all fall together.

You have finished your homework, you know the event will be popular, you cannot wait for the second Tuesday so you can attend the Council meeting and –-

Present to Council: Notify the President at least three days in advance to be placed on the agenda. Bring 10 copies of the Activity Cost Estimate form completely filled out to give to Council. The form, which is on the website, is de- signed to assist you in making sure all facets of the trip are covered. Many of the Council members have run trips; you may ask them about areas where you need assistance. After a review, Council may have additional questions such as:

Is the budget sufficient to cover all items?

What funds for deposits are needed and when? Who is your co-chair?

Be sure to include an extra charge for non-members. This rule may be waived as part of your presentation. Include compensation for the trip chairs; you will earn that comp.

A simple majority of the council is all that is needed to approve the event.

Now the real work begins, “SELLING THE TRIP.” Advertising is the key here. Design a flyer to be posted on the web site, do an article for the newsletter, post the event on the Jug & Mug Facebook page, and send out a “Yahoo blast” on the internet. Previous trip chairs and council members can assist you if you are not sure of the process for the listed functions.