Constitution and By-Laws


(November 20, 1979, as amended November 14, 2000
and September 17, 2002, February, 2019)


With a love for skiing and recognition of the interest of young adults to skiing, this club, known as the JUG AND MUG SKI CLUB, was founded in May 1960, in Lansing, Michigan, by James C. Foote.


SECTION 1: The name of this organization shall be the JUG AND MUG SKI CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

SECTION 2: This organization shall be chartered as a non-profit corporation.


SECTION 1: The purpose of this club is to promote, through an exchange of ideas and experiences, more interest in the sport of skiing and meaningful social relationships.


SECTION 1: The active membership shall be open to all persons who satisfy the requirements as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws. No person shall be denied active membership because of his race, religion, color or national origin. The Council has authority to establish the maximum number of active members for the administrative year for which they are elected. The Council may stop accepting new applications for membership after giving 30 days written notice to the membership of their intention to close membership.

A.  ACTIVE MEMBERS: Shall be those persons who have paid their dues for the current fiscal year, have passed their 21st birthday,  and are single according to statutory law OR previous members who are currently married.

(Amended by membership vote February 18, 1997; effective May 31, 1997)
(Amended by membership vote April 30, 2017.  effective June 1, 2017)

B. (Deleted by membership vote February 18, 1997; effective May 31, 1997)

C.  HONORARY MEMBERS: The Club Council may approve as Honorary Members persons of outstanding accomplishment and interest in the sport of skiing or persons who have rendered exceptional service to the Club.
D.  LIFE MEMBERS: The founder and first president of the Club, James C. Foote (Jim), and his
first group of officers, Richard Zimmerman (Zip), First Vice President; George Kuhn, Second Vice
President; Donna Glass, Secretary; and Phyllis Van Camp, Treasurer, are hereby awarded an active lifetime membership as of May, 1961, for the duration of this Club.
E.  COMPLIMENTARY MEMBERS: The Past Presidents, after fulfillment of their term of office,
shall be given a complimentary membership as long as they satisfy the other requirements for active membership as set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws.

F.  RETURNING MEMBERS: Returning members must pay their dues for the current fiscal year, and if married, both spouses must join at the same time. (Added by membership vote April 30, 2017; effective date June 1, 2017).


SECTION 1:  The annual dues shall be paid by each applicant approved for active membership. Annual dues may not be increased by the Club Council more than twenty percent above the previous year’s dues.

SECTION 2:  Membership shall expire on May 31 of each year and active members have until the June
meeting of that year to renew their membership; after that time, they must reapply for membership.

SECTION 3:  There shall be no annual dues for Honorary Members, Life Members, and Complimentary


SECTION 1:  The Club shall be administered by the officers and council members, elected by the membership, hereinafter referred to as the Club Council.

A. OFFICERS: The elected officers of the Club shall consist of President, two Vice Presidents,Secretary and Treasurer. Their term of office shall be for the fiscal year. These officers will also be designated as the Executive Committee.
B. COUNCIL MEMBERS: The Council Members elected by the general membership shall consist of six (6) members; three (3) men and three (3) women. Their term of office shall be for the fiscalyear.
C. ASSOCIATE COUNCIL MEMBERS:  Associate Council Members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of Club Council. Their term of office shall be for the fiscal year.
D. CLUB COUNCIL: The Club Council shall consist of officers and council members. The duties
of the Club Council shall be those associated with their respective offices or positions as provided for in the Bylaws.
E. ADVISOR: The immediate Past President, if active, shall attend all Club Council meetings in an advisory capacity for one term only. If the Immediate Past President is not available, the Club Council shall appoint a suitable advisor.
F. SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: The Club Council shall appoint a Sergeant-at-Arms to act at their discretion.
G. EX OFFICIO MEMBERS: The Advisor and Sergeant-at-Arms and Associate Council members shall be ex officio members of the Club Council.

SECTION 2: Elected officers and council members shall forfeit their office at such time as they lose their status as members in good standing.

A. Vacancies on the Club Council, except for the President, occurring during the year shall be filled at the discretion of the Club Council for the balance of the unexpired term.
B. If the office of President shall become vacant, the Club Council shall elect one of the two Vice Presidents to assume the duties of President for the remainder of the term.
C. As vacancies, other than President, on the Executive Committee occur, the existing members
of the Council shall be considered as automatic nominees for the vacancy.

SECTION 3: The administrative and fiscal year of the Club shall be from June 1 to May 31, inclusive.


SECTION 1: The standing committees of the Club shall be as follows:

a. Activities
e. Historian
b. Publicity
f. Property
c. Membership
g. Operational Policy
d. Mailings
h. Budget

Standing committee chairmen shall be appointed from within the Club Council by the President.
SECTION 2: Other committees and chairmen shall be formed and/or appointed by the President with the approval of the Club Council as the need arises.


SECTION 1: The Club general membership shall be held monthly at such times and such places as the Club Council shall designate. Written notice of such meetings shall be given to all members.

SECTION 2: The Club Council will hold a business meeting at least once each month. A quorum for the transaction of business at Club Council meetings shall consist of six (6) members of the Club Council.


SECTION 1: In order to insure that the Constitution and Bylaws of the the Club shall remain relevant to current conditions, the President of the Club shall have the power to appoint a committee for the purpose of considering amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.

SECTION 2: The committee shall be comprised of:

A. Two representatives of the general membership.
B. Two representatives of the Club Council.
C. The President and the Advisor to the Club

Council who shall both act on an ex officio basis. The President shall appoint the chairman of the above committee.

SECTION 3: The committee shall submit an agenda ofthe proposed amendments to the Club Council for its approval and shall thereafter keep the Club Council regularly advised of its deliberations.

SECTION 4: The final draft form of any proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Club Council prior to submission to the general membership

SECTION 5: The term of existence of the above committee shall not extend beyond the elected term of office of the appointing president.


SECTION 1: The general membership shall have the right to initiate amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws without regard to any action on the part of the President or the Club Council.

SECTION 2: Upon submission to the Club Council of a petition signed by thirty-three percent (33%) of the active membership proposing amendment to the constitution or Bylaws, the President shall be required to provide for a ballot of the general membership. The ballot shall be held at a general meeting of the Club no later than 60 days after the submission of the petition to the Club Council.

SECTION 3: Any such petition may include more than one proposed amendment, but each proposed amendment must:

A. Be clear and concise.
B. Relate only to one article in the existing Constitution or Bylaws.
C. Not be in conflict with any other existing provisions of the Constitution or Bylaws.


SECTION 1: Amendments to this Constitution may only be voted upon by a quorum. A quorum shall consist of thirty-four percent (34%) of the active membership, or seventy-five (75) active members, whichever is greater. If less than one hundred fifty (150) active members, a quorum shall consist of fifty-one percent (51%) of the active membership. Passage of amendments shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting, including those who have submitted an acceptable mail-in ballot.

SECTION 2: Members shall be given written notice of proposed changes at least one month prior to voting.


November 20, 1979
Amended September 17, 2002


SECTION 1. Persons may be considered for membership by attending one (1) Club meeting or one(1) major (i.e., non-ongoing) club-sponsored activity, and submitting an application card to the Club Council. Application for membership to the Club shall be made on the form provided and shall bear the endorsement of three (3) Club members. Upon receipt of the application for membership, the Club Council has the authority to approve the application by a three-quarters (3/4) majority vote of its members. Once approved, the applicant will be admitted pending an opening and receipt of annual dues. Members approved after February 1 shall pay one-half (1/2) of the annual dues, providing they were not members of the Club in the preceding fiscal year.

SECTION 2. Upon complaint of conduct on the part of any Club member that is likely to reflect unfavorably upon the Club’s reputation, such member(s) may have his/her membership reviewed and terminated by a 3/4 majority vote of the Club Council. Any such complaint must be submitted to the Club Council in writing and signed by the complainant(s). Any such complaint shall be seen only by the Club Council and must be destroyed immediately upon the completion of their deliberations. Any member(s) so named in a complaint shall be notified in writing of the general nature of the complaint, the name of the complainant(s), and shall have the right to confront the same before a regular meeting of the Club Council. The complaint of any complainant(s) who refuses to appear before the Club Council shall be considered out of order and their membership may be reviewed by the Council.


SECTION 1: The President shall appoint a nominating committee with approval of the Executive Committee, consisting of two (2) members from the existing Council and two (2) members from the general membership.

SECTION 2: The annual meeting for election of officers and council members shall be held during the month of April of each year. Nominations must be offered at a meeting of the general membership prior to the meeting during which the elections shall take place. The committee on nominations shall present to the members hip the names of no more than two (2) willing candidates for each position of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. No more than twelve (12) (6 men and 6 women) willing candidates shall be presented for the positions of council members. Additional nominations will be taken from the floor at the business meeting during which the slate is presented. The officers and council members shall be elected for a term of one year.

SECTION 3: Voting for each office shall be on a written ballot at the annual meeting. Active members in good standing may vote by mail-in ballot; such ballot must be in writing and signed by the member. The ballot must be mailed to the legal address of the club, with the postmark being no later than three (3) days prior to the date of the election, or personally delivered in a sealed envelope to a member of the Council prior to the election.

SECTION 4: The offices of President, Secretary, and Treasurer up for election shall be filled by that candidate who receives a plurality of all those votes cast for each office.

SECTION 5: The membership shall vote for two (2) persons for the Vice Presidential offices. The two (2) persons receiving the highest number of votes will be come Vice Presidents.

SECTION 6: The membership shall vote for three (3) men and three (3) women for council positions. The three (3) men and three (3) women receiving the highest number of votes shall become council members.

SECTION 7: In the event of a tie for an office, continuing ballots for those candidates tied will be taken.

SECTION 8: Executive Committee positions shall be limited to no more than two (2) candidates for each position by primary election if necessary. Any unsuccessful primary candidate may stand for any remaining off ice, the balloting for which occurs after his/her unsuccessful candidacy.

SECTION 9: The President shall appoint an election committee for the purpose of managing all details of the election. This committee shall submit its plan to the Club Council meeting immediately prior to the election.


SECTION 1: President. The President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Club with the assistance of the Club Council. He shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Club Council. He shall be an ex officio member of all committees. In the absence of the President, the presiding officer at the meetings shall be designated by the President.

SECTION 2: Vice Presidents. The Vice Presidents shall have supervision of the standing committees assigned to them and shall act as advisors to the President.

SECTION 3: Treasurer. The Treasurer shall maintain a set of books showing receipt and disbursement of the monies of the Club. The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds received and shall deposit them as directed by the Club Council. The Treasurer will submit all bills to the Club Council and make payment as directed. The Treasurer shall present interim reports for all regular meetings and Club Council meetings.

SECTION 4: Secretary. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Club Council and Club meetings.

SECTION 5: Council Members. The Council members shall represent the Club membership at all Club Council meetings. The Council members may appoint members from the general membership to work in their respective areas as they see fit.

SECTION 6: Associate Council Members. Associate Council Members are responsible for chairing Club sponsored activities.


SECTION 1: No officer, member or employee of the Club shall disburse any funds or monies or incur obligations for payment by the Club without authorization from the Club Council, except as stated in Article IV, Section 6 of the Bylaws.

SECTION 2: Any officer or member shall be personally liable for any bills or obligations of the Club incurred by him if they are not first approved by the Club Council for payment, except as stated in Article IV, Section 6 of the Bylaws.

SECTION 3: Any officer or member shall not be personally liable for any bills or obligations of the Club incurred by him if they are first approved by the Club Council for payment, except as stated in Article IV, Section 6 of the Bylaws.

SECTION 4: The Club assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or personal property damage incurred by any participant at any Club function.

SECTION 5: Persons empowered to sign checks on the Club account shall be bonded.

SECTION 6: In an emergency situation, the Executive Committee, by a majority vote, may handle
disbursements and liabilities.


SECTION 1: Amendments to these Bylaws may only be voted upon by a quorum. A quorum shall consist of thirty-four percent (34%) of the active membership, or 75 active members, whichever is greater. If less than 150 active members, a quorum shall consist of fifty-one percent (51%) of active membership. Passage of amendments shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those voting, including those who have submitted anacceptable mail-in ballot.

SECTION 2: Amendments to the Bylaws shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Articles VIII and IX of the Constitution.

SECTION 3: Members shall be given written notice of proposed changes at least one (1) month prior to voting.


Policies are adopted by a majority of Council vote. Policies are a set of directives for smooth operation of the club. (Added by vote February 2019)

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. When not provided as a part of a club sponsored activity, each member or guest shall be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from club sponsored activities. To facilitate sharing of transportation, it is recommended that the activity chairperson furnish a list to all planned participants of the activity, which includes all names, telephone numbers, and an indication of those willing to furnish transportation and those needing transportation.
2. Drivers shall coordinator the time and place of departure, check in with the activity chairperson upon arrival to the activity destination, and inform the chairperson of the availability of space in vehicle.
3. Riders shall contact drivers to make initial arrangements and communicate any changes in plans to the driver.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. Any member or guest presenting an insufficient funds check payment to the club shall receive a written warning from the club treasurer and be required to pay all reprocessing fees levied. If same check payment is returned a second time for insufficient funds, or if that same member or guest presents a second insufficient fund check payment, they shall be required to pay cash to:

A. cover said check payment and all reprocessing fees levied, and
B. participate in all club-sponsored activities requiring a fee for the remainder of the club
fiscal year.

(Effective February 9, 2000)
(Amended November 11, 2003)

1. For purposes of this policy, “cancellation date” shall be the date set forth by the Chairperson when the final payment on an activity must be paid in full.
2. If a member or guest cancels their participation in an activity for which there is a fee, and the member or guest notifies the activity chairperson of their cancellation:
A. on or before the cancellation date, member or guest will receive a full refund, less a handling fee of ten percent of the total fee, but not less than $10 or more than $50. The trip chairs have the option of charging a non-refundable cancellation fee as long as it is clearly stated in the trip information
B. after the cancellation date, but two days before the activity, member or guest will either:
• forfeit entire fee paid toward activity or
• be responsible for securing a replacement member or guest
C. on the day of or the day before an activity, no refund will be considered for the member or guest, (unless extenuating circumstances)
3. Under extenuating circumstances, a member or guest may petition the council in writing for a refund no more than 30 days after the activity date. If the petition is approved by majority vote of the council, that member or guest shall receive a refund, less a handling fee of ten percent of the total fee, but not less than $10 or more than $50. If the council receives the petition after 30 days or council denies the petition, no refund will be considered.
4. Members or guest not paying the full activity fee by the cancellation date may be canceled from the activity by the activity chairperson, and may forfeit any fees previously paid for the activity.
5. If the profit on the activity exceeds $5 per member or guest attending, the members or guest
participating may receive a refund at the discretion of the council, after consideration of any extenuating circumstance petitions for the activity.
6. An activity chairperson shall maintain a waiting list of the names of members or guests, in chronological order as received, who request to participate in the activity after the cancellation date.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. No alcoholic beverages (liquor, wine, beer, wine coolers) will be purchased or provided by the chairperson of a club-sponsored activity.
2.This policy will not prohibit a “BYOB” arrangement when appropriate. The council members and guests are to be prudent in their consumption of alcohol and to be respectful of others.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. Style of dress at the Club’s general meetings is left to the discretion of each individual, but must be neat.

(Effective March 12, 1996)
(Revised September 14, 2010)

1. To participate in club activities as a guest of the club, a person must be:

A. At least 21 years old, and
B. Be legally single or are a previous member who are currently married.

2. One or both of these requirements may be waived for a specific event by majority vote of the council.
3. Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests.
4. The Club liability insurance policy does not provide coverage for minors in any club activity. At no time will the Club be responsible for anyone under 21 years of age accompanying a member or guest.
5. The guest price shall be set by the trip chairs except an overnight activity must include a guest fee.

(Effective March 12, 1996)
(Revised December 13, 2011)

1. The fee charged guests attending any club activity shall be 15 percent more than the fee charged members, rounded off to the nearest dollar, but no more than the current annual membership fee. This is intended as a guideline for setting a fee for non-members attending club activities. The trip chair, together with the advice of Council, has the ultimate authority in setting and waiving this fee. An example where the fee might be waived is activities where members are charged $50 or less.

(Effective January 1, 1999)

1. The chairperson of a club-sponsored activity may participate in that event free-of-charge, or be authorized a $150 credit toward the cost of that activity; whichever is less. Credit may be split among multiple chairpersons not to exceed one free activity participation fee or $150; whichever is less.
2. A prospective chairperson may approach the council with a request for compensation greater than $150 provided reasonable justification is presented.
3. The method of credit desired by the activity chairperson shall be submitted and approved, along with the entire activity proposal, by a majority vote of the council, prior to presenting the activity at the monthly membership meeting. All credit approved for activity chairpersons shall be covered in the cost/price proposal of that activity, so that the activity will not lose money because of activity chairperson compensation.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. The Club Journal is a monthly publication written and produced by Council members, serving as co-editors. The Journal represents the voice of the Council, with a primary focus of informing members of club-sponsored activities. It shall be the responsibility of the editors to give priority to items submitted for publication in the following order:

A. Club news, trips, or activities,
B. A Club calendar with council approved events,
C. New membership listings,
D. Council approved non-club news, (i.e.,charitable programs, ski-related activities, etc.) and,
E. Member’s paid advertisements, at editors’ discretion.

2. The editors shall have the discretion of editing any submitted copy. Since journal space is limited, any flyers/inserts must be approved in advance by the council. Any other items for publication (letters-to-the-editor, etc.) must be signed and must be approved by the council.

3. The Constitution, Bylaws, policies, and journal shall be printed in a 10-point font. Any amendment to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be dated at the start of the amendment.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. Any member or guest desiring to present an idea to the membership at a monthly membership meeting must make arrangements with the president at least 3 days prior to the monthly council business meeting, to have the item placed on the agenda. An activities support team member shall be contacted to confirm there are no scheduling conflicts. All club-sponsored activities must be presented at a council meeting prior to a general meeting.
2. Any non-club sponsored activity must receive council approval prior to distribution of any materials, flyers, etc., at a general meeting.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

All information intended for announcement on the club hotline recording must have prior approval of the council. All club-sponsored activities have automatic approval for announcement on the hotline recording.

(Effective November 11, 1997)

The annual membership fee for new members or members renewing their membership shall be set by the outgoing council in accordance with Article IV of the Constitution and published in the newsletter.

(Effective November 11, 1997)

1. A member of the council may financially obligate the club up to $20 per month without permission of the council, provided such obligation is directly necessary for the performance of the council member’s position.
2. A member of the council shall not financially obligate the club by more than $20 per month unless the member of the council has received specific authorization by council vote. Such authorization shall contain a deadline after which said authorization shall expire.
3. A member of the council shall be reimbursed for an authorized purchase of personal property to be owned by the Club, upon presentation of a valid receipt.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. Personal property owned by the Club shall be inventoried each June and reported to the council at each July council business meeting.
2. An inventory shall include a clear description of the item, manufacturer, model, serial number, size, color, capacity, material, or any other clear identifying characteristic of the item, original purchase date, original purchase price, current market value (if known), and replacement cost.

(Effective November 11, 1997)

When activity rates are quoted for quad, triple, or double occupancy and the activity chairperson is unable to fill that request, participants may be required to pay the higher occupancy rates, or withdraw without penalty.

(Effective March 12, 1996)

1. Members desiring to advertise in the Journal shall pay the following rates for 1 advertisement:
A. $50.00, full page (within standard text frame borders).
B. $25.00, half page.
C. $13.00, quarter page.
D. $5.00, 1/8 page-business cards, sized 3½” x 2″.
2. Non-members desiring to advertise in the Journal shall pay the following rates for 1 advertisement:
A. $75.00, full page (within standard text frame borders).
B. $50.00, half page.
C. $30.00, quarter page.
D. $10.00, 1/8 page.
3. All advertisement shall be approved prior to publication by the Council.

(Effective November 14, 2000)

WHEREAS, our Constitution and Bylaws create a standing committee of our Club named historian; and WHEREAS, groups of Club members have worked tirelessly to compile our Club history over the last year; and WHEREAS, the year 2000 was our 40th anniversary and was celebrated with an anniversary party; and WHEREAS, a profit to our Club was derived from this party; and NOW THEREFORE,
1. BE IT RESOLVED that the President of our Club shall appoint a Historian committee to administer and preserve our Club history; and
2. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the club treasurer shall create an account named “HISTORIC COMMITTEE ACCOUNT” and shall transfer Five Hundred dollars into this account for use by the committee; and
3. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED this account shall carry over from budget year to budget year or until
the funds are exhausted or new additional funds are donated. The committee is also granted authority to spend from this account. Expenditures are not to exceed twenty dollars per month with appropriated documentation as required by treasurer; and NOW,
4. BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED this committee must receive prior approval for all expenditures more than twenty dollars per month and shall report quarterly to Club Council on activities and expenditures.

(Effective December 10, 2002)

It shall be the responsibility of the council to appoint the committee to tabulate votes during any election or proposed constitutional and/or bylaw amendments.
1. The committee shall consist of three club members and one alternate. (The alternate is to be used only in an absence of one of the three election committee persons or if one of the election committee persons runs for an office. As a result, a new alternate is to be appointed at the next council meeting.) This committee shall be appointed at the first council meeting after the new council is elected. The election committee shall not consist of any person running for any office or the person proposing the constitutional and/or bylaw amendment.
2. Mail in ballots shall be sent in an envelope clearly marked that it contains a ballot. The envelope shall remain sealed until the time all the votes are to be counted. The sealed ballots can only be opened by the election committee and any mail in ballots that have been opened or have been tampered with are not to be counted as a legal or a valid vote.
3. When the election committee reaches a ballot that she/he believes to be invalid, the ballot should be placed in a separate pile and the vote on the ballot shall not then be included in the count. The election committee shall determine whether there is a mathematical possibility that the total number of challenged ballots can affect the results of the vote. If so, the election committee shall inspect all challenged ballots and decide which, in their judgment, are properly marked. If unable to determine, the vote is to be counted as invalid. They shall then be counted as decided upon by the election committee.
4. All votes (mail in, valid or invalid) must be kept in a sealed envelope for three months after the vote in case of a dispute.

(Effective August 2003)

1. Two chairs are required for each trip. This ensures continuity if one chair is unable to complete his/her obligations.
2. It is the responsibility of the trip chairs to collect any unpaid fees from trip participants before the participants are allowed to join the activities.

(Effective September 2006)
(Revised May 2014)

Effective June 10, 2014, Council members must be in attendance no less than 8 of the 12 council meetings during each fiscal year they serve on the Jug & Mug Ski Club Council. Having attended 8 council meetings and actively completing at least 10 months of their term of service they shall be awarded the following year’s membership free of charge. Thereafter, they may renew their membership at the standard rate. The secretary will be responsible for recording attendance and providing information to the treasurer and membership committee regarding who would qualify for free membership the following year.

(Effective September 2006)

As established by past precedent and agreement, members of other MDSC member clubs may participate in Jug & Mug functions at the member rate. Upon request, that person must provide proof of membership in that MDSC member club. This may consist of communication from a present board member of record from that club, a valid membership card, or other credible proof.

(Effective date April 2010)

Upon the death of a current member, past president, or a parent or child of a current council member, flowers will be provided for the funeral or memorial service, maximum cost of $75. Upon the death of parent or child of current member, the member or family will be sent a sympathy card by the secretary on behalf of the club.

(Effective date March 2013)

1. Jug & Mug trips that are using Treasury funds for deposits and payments made out to Jug & Mug Ski Club shall be so designated on the initial presentation and any advertising. “This trip is approved by the J&M Council and all funds shall be made out to Jug & Mug Ski Club.” This scenario puts the club at liability for failed trips or any loss or profits.
2. Jug & Mug trips run by individuals shall be so designated and payments made out to the trip chair. “ This trip is supported by the J&M Council but checks shall be made out to the trip chair(s). There is no liability for J&M Ski Club.” There is a $10 fee for each month the trip advertising appears in the Newsletter.