Diva Royale Play By Jeff Daniels

Saturday, November 17, 2018
1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Purple Rose Theatre Company

137 Park Street
Chelsea, MI

The Purple Rose Theatre Company

Play Diva Royale by Jeff Daniels

This Event Is Sold Out.  Contact Kurt to be on a wait list if interested.

Diva Royale is a spectacular farce brought to us by the author of such comedies as Escanaba in da MoonlightThe Tropical Pickle and Norma & Wanda. The play follows the exploits of three midwestern stay-at-home moms who plan a last minute trip to NYC to see their favorite star Celine Dion perform and maybe experience a bit of the romance lacking in their lives. As soon as they get on the plane things go very wrong resulting in an evening of side-splitting hilarity. *Contains adult language & content.

Cost:  $39 per person

Contact:  Kurt Mertins, 517886-4061 or kmertins@hotmail.com